Seasons Overview Edit

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 October 6, 2014 (US) July 11, 2015 (US)
2 13 march 21,2016 (US) TBA

Season 1 Edit

Episode Series Title U.S. airdate PC #
1 1 "The Big Hair Switch 360" 6 October 2014 101
Max Asher (Jonny Gray), superstar snowboarder moves to Colorado, into the home of Alvin Ackerman (Jake Goodman), to train for the Winter Cup. However things take a turn for the worst when Max's agent takes Alvin (dressed as Max) to a Snowboarding Challenge and Max and Howie (Saara Chaudry) have to fill in for Alvin at the science fair. At the end, Alvin does a 50-foot drop, intended for Max to do, a flip while he does, the boys also make up.
2 2 "The Lien Love Triangle" 7 October 2014 104
Max and Shred fall for the same girl, Quinn, so they each decide to take her on a date and let her decide who she likes more. Meanwhile, Abby (Emilia McCarthy) is on a mission to get Quinn to join the school soccer team.
3 3 "The 1080 Room Twist" 8 October 2014 102
Alvin and Max are tired of being roommates and battle over who will get to make the den into their new room. Abby and Howie (Saara Chaudry) help Lloyd (Jean-Michel Le Gal) write a novel about a vampire-wizard.
4 4 "The Nosebonk Nemesis" 9 October 2014 107
Max is preparing to compete against his snowboarding nemesis, Yuud Nuuderuud. But to his dismay, Alvin and his entire family are charmed by Yuud and refuse to believe he could be the cheater Max says he is.
5 5 "The Snow Day Variety Method" 14 October 2014 109
A giant snowstorm traps the Ackermans inside their house. Max has a panic attack and the family takes unusual steps to help him through it.
6 6 "The Frontside Hero Slide" 15 October 2014 106
Shred is competing against his nemesis, Wendy, for a spot in a prestigious science society. And Howie and Diane (Siobhan Murphy) use unusual methods to train Abby for a 10K.
7 7 "The Blunt Stall Auction Flail" 16 October 2014 103
Abby accidentally auctions off Max's lucky snowboard and he becomes convinced that he can no longer win. Lloyd decides to prove to Diane that he can eat a three-foot long hot dog.
8 8 "The Alt-Ctrl-Shifty Laptop Burn" 20 October 2014 110
Alvin decides to get a sponsor (like Max), but when his free laptop proves to be a bust Alvin is faced with a difficult dilemma. Howie creates a very special snowboarding suit for Max.
9 9 "The Half-Cab Robot Baby Bonk" 21 October 2014 111
Alvin and Max must take care of a baby simulator doll in order to pass their Life Skills class. When they accidentally destroy the baby, they must work together to save the baby and their grade.
10 10 "The Stalefish Double Flip" 22 October 2014 112
Alvin, Max and get trapped in the hut while ice fishing. Back at home, Diane and Abby attempt to de-traumatize Howie after she accidentally sees a scary movie they were watching.
11 11 "The Switch Shifty Birthday Party" 3 November 2014 105
Max opens a box and reveals a secret Alvin's kept since Abby's ninth Birthday; the boys try to make up six years of birthdays for Abby.
12 12 "Nose Butter Brain Freeze" 4 November 2014 108
Max gets a job with Shred at the Yogurt Yeti so that he can help him win a flavor contest, but Max ends up getting treated better than Shred.
13 13 "The Academic Bowl Chong Problem" 5 November 2014 113
Wendy was on Shred's Academic Bowl team, but after Max accidentally makes Wendy angry, Wendy forms her own team against Shred.
14 14 "The Switch Jolly Mambo Varial" 17 November 2014 114
Abby and Shred have a bet to see how long they can go living the other's life; Lloyd cleans the extremely dirty pool.
15 15 "The Yeti Misty Flip Makeover" 18 November 2014 115
Ms. Carpenter quits her job at the Yogurt Yeti; Howie makes a week-long fan event for Max.
16 16 "The Air-to-Fakie Authobiography" 19 November 2014 116
Abby makes up lies while writing Max's autobiography.
17 17 "The Blindside Scoutmaster Disaster" 5 January 2015 121
Max and Shred become leaders of a camping club; Abby becomes the mascot of the Yogurt Yeti.
18 18 "The Joey Huckfest Prankpipe" 6 January 2015 117
Shred takes things too far after he discovers the joy of playing pranks; Diane tries to get a possum out of the house; Lloyd tries being the "bad cop" parent.
19 19 "The Buttery Bad Luck Streak" 7 January 2015 118
Yuud Nuuderuud returns and stops Max and the Ackermans from their trip to Switzerland.
20 20 "The Backside Family Eggflip" 12 January 2015 120
When Max's mother hears about all the dangerous things Max has done, she tries to make Max move back to Vermont.
21 21 "Boardercross Bionic Boost" 13 January 2015 122
Lloyd and Diane become obsessed with table tennis; when Howie gets accepted into a competition called the Top 10 Under 10, she becomes Shred's assistant.
22 22 "The Goofy Tamedog Air" 14 January 2015 123
When Max's pet dog, Boardwax, arrives at the Ackermans, Alvin suffers from allergies to the dog.
23 23 "The Chill Bro Lipside" 15 January 2015 119
When Shred becomes too busy with work, Max tells Shred to take a day off, which he calls a "Sick Day", but then Shred ends up becoming obsessed with the sick day and he stops doing Science.
24 24 "The Switch Inward Love Flip" 16 January 2015 124
Max begins to date a girl very similar to himself, but when he realizes that he is basically dating himself, he tells her she needs to change, but this causes their relationship to end.
25 25 "The Slopestyle Syrup Slob" 27 June 2015 125
Max's cousin, Ozzy comes to town; Diane tries to teach Abby how to drive.
26 26 "The Perfect Layback Life" 11 July 2015 126
After Max wins the Winter Cup, he has to go on a year-long tour and has to move out of the Ackerman's house.

Season 2 Edit

Episode Series Title

Prod. Code

1 27 the shifty girlfriend 202

When Max learns he has to change his image he has to decide between Howie and his image. Abby and Shred try to make good memories for when Abby goes to college.

2 28 "Shred's Girlfriend" 202

When Shred gets a girlfriend named Juliet, Max hears that she was using him to become class president, but it turned out to be a misunderstanding. Howie tells Lloyd and Diane not to play with Piggles (a pig that Howie tried to make smart) but it turns out that this way, Piggles became even smarter.

3 29 "Max Asher: The Reality Show" 204

Max gets his own reality show but the camera crew think Shred is boring, so they replace him. Abby uses Howie to get all the colleges to want her

4 30 "Max Asher, The Life Coach" 203

When Max can't decide what he'll become in the future if he quits snowboard, Abby tells him to become a life coach and he starts right away, but he becomes a terrible life coach. Shred tells Howie to reprogram Mr. P., but then he realizes he wanted the old Mr. P. back.

5 31 "The Dinner Failure" 205

Shred and Juliet's parents are having a dinner toghether but they dislike eachother, so they forbit Shred and Juliet to see eachother. When Max and Abby destroy Howie's snow shelter, she builds it again and keeps it secret from them.

6 32 "Happy 42!" 206

Shred thinks the 42 day anniversary with Juliet is stupid so, she breaks up with him. Now he will do anything to get her back. A crazy fan of Max, Harley tries to get rid of Howie so, she can be the #1 fan.

7 33 "Handcuff Bros" 210

When Max and Shred are about to go to the school prom, they get stuck in the handcuffs that Howie made for Lloyd. Abby is trying to make the school prom at the gym, but bears invade in it.

8 34 "The Banana Spray Production Problem" 212

Shred tries to product a spray that makes bananas last longer, so Max gets him the best manager, Speedmayer, but he overdoes it, so Shred fires him. Howie tries to make Wendy Chong nice.

9 35 "The Super Sick Max vs. Shred Band Battle" 207

Shred makes a band to impress Juliet, but when Max comes in he makes the band more rock-like, so Shred kicks him out of the band. Now, Max makes his own band to beat Shred in 'The Band Competition'. When Abby is about to leave for college, Howie invents Abby 2.0, an annoying robot that looks just like Abby to annoy Lloyd and Diane and make them stop missing Abby.

10 36 "The Unfair Science Fair Win" 208

Shred finally invents something better than Wendy for the science fair. Max also takes place in the science fair and wins, because the judge is a fan of him.