"Who needs coolness when you're about to revolutionize the waste management industry?"
— Shred to Max.

Alvin Ackerman


Full Name
Alvin "Shred" Ackerman
Unknown (age 14-15 possiby)
Yogurt Yeti Employee
Blizzard Springs
Family & Friends
Juliet (Girlfriend)
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Alvin "Shred" Ackerman is a main character in Max & Shred.

He's portrayed by Jake Goodman.


Alvin, nicknamed "Shred" by Max, is a brilliant young scientist and inventor. Give him any problem and he'll figure out a way to solve it, with one amazing invention or another. From Chemistry to Algebra, Alvin can ace pretty much any class... except for Popularity 101. With Max as his new roommate, he'll learn that big differences can add up to something awesome. He is like a teacher's pet, goody two shoes, and a stickler to the rules. He dislikes getting into trouble or dealing with trouble.


Alvin has brown hair with green eyes and glasses. He usually wears a white lab coat when working on inventions.

Relationships With Other Characters

Max Asher

Max is Alvin's best friend and roommate even though Alvin didn't like him at the beginning. Alvin considers Max family, and helps Max get out of the messes of the trouble he causes a lot.

Howie Finch

Howie is Alvin's neighbor and assistant. She usually climbs in through Alvin's bedroom window and helps with his inventions. They both like inventing new scientific gadgets to make the world a better place.

Abby Ackerman

She is his older sister. They get along most of the time, unlike most siblings in Nickelodeon shows. Abby cares about fashion, her social life, and being organized more, while Alvin cares more about science and education. They don't argue too much, only sometimes.

Lloyd Ackerman

He is Alvin's father. They get along well, but Alvin sometimes thinks the way his father acts is odd. He often covers for his father when his father tries to avoid getting in trouble by his mom.

Diane Ackerman

She is Alvin's mother. They get along well, but like his father, Lloyd Ackerman, Shred finds his mother odd when she and his father do odd things. Examples are making huge sandwiches, playing table tennis 25/7, and speaking in an odd accent to impress other grown ups.